Sora Kara Koboreta Story (空からこぼれたStory, lit. "A Story Spilled From the Sky"). This is the opening theme song for Sherlock Hound; although, the UK, USA, and the Spanish verisons all vary different versions. The UK's was just the melody of the original song. The USA and Spanish versions are very much, more so alike. Both the USA and Spanish versions have an upbeat, fast pace tune, and the melody along with lyrics is much different than the original score. The original score was a melody sung by a male and a female singer along with its original sound of a harmony of a soft, cheery, and medium pace tune.

Japanese Lyrics

Romaji Lyrics

English Translated Lyrics

Note: This is my translation using both the lyrics from Anime Lyrics and Translation Google to come up with my own version of lyrics. Plus, some help and inspration from Sherlock Hound Fandub opening .

The sound of the clock tower's bells,
Begin to sound, echoing
throughout, the town,
The fog begins to clear away,
Open up the windows, far and wide,

In the shadows, down the cobblestone path
Footsteps can be heard, a sweet note called love

It's not hidden away, my eyes can spy even the smallest thing
It's not hidden away, and soon a happy end(ing)

Will reach your mailbox
[I reach for the postcard of you]

A story spilled from the sky

Under this broad (vast) sky
Flying away to somewhere...

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US Lyrics

Note: I took the time to write this down form one of the US versions of Sherlock Hound's openings. English Opening

Help me, if you can, to find the smile that I lost
You're the only friend that can resolve all my problems

Sherlock Holmes, our detective so supreme
Sherlock Holmes, you're the only one for me

Search the darkest corners for  the love that I lost
Cure the thing that's torn us from the happiness we knew

Sherlock Holmes, our detective so supreme
Sherlock Holmes, you're the only one for me

Well you've got all the qualities we look for in a man
And everybody wants to be like you
With style and intuition you can lend a helping hand
So, lead us all to happiness where we start anew

Help me, find the killer of the peace in the world
You're the strongest pillar for a soul to rely on

Sherlock Holmes, our detective so supreme
Sherlock Holmes, you're the only one for me

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Spanish Lyrics

Spanish Opening

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